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SharePoint Quick-Start, End User Workshop

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Webinar - SharePoint Quick-Start, End User Workshop

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform. In conjunction with Office 365, it makes managing content, documents and workflow streamlined. Organisations commonly use SharePoint to create Intranet sites – over 80% of Neilsen Award Winning Intranets are built using SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

… so what happens if you or your end users don’t know how to use it properly? You will miss out on the amazing features it has to offer that will ultimately make your life so much easier.

In this webinar we will cover;

  • A SharePoint Quick-start
  • Basic how-tos in SharePoint that will greatly improve the running of your business
  • The ways in which SharePoint works to manage documents
  • How you can use SharePoint to ensure that your organisation is GDPR compliant.
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