60 Second Briefing – What is Delve?

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Delve is a highly advanced search facility that is built into Office 365. As you are working, Office 365 is gathering information about what you are working on and who you are interacting with. It uses this to build up a picture of the type of content that you will probably be interested in. When you go to Delve, it uses this information to suggest the most relevant documents for you to look at.

You can combine this information with free text searches, or searching for documents that other people are working on.

Office DelveOffice Delve

Delve works within the permissions that have been given to documents: you will never see a document that you don’t have access to, and nobody will see any documents that are private to you.

It is incredibly intuitive to use, and provides a superb search facility that works across the whole of Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business.

Office Delve How to use

Microsoft Delve Explained

Once you have found relevant documents, you can save them for later, either adding them to your favourites, adding them to a Board, or sending a link to Yammer to open a discussion.

Delve is probably one of the best reasons to use Office 365 – it can save a huge amount of time in looking for lost documents.