What is Manage My Teams?


Manage my Teams, is a Teams Management module that fits into your Teams environment. Our developers built this app using SharePoint framework, Logic apps and Azure Functions, as a response to common issues we were seeing, when speaking to multiple businesses. The primary drivers for building this module were to:

  • Improve the discoverability of teams. We found that when you have many teams it was hard to search, organise, sort and filter.
  • Improve how the management of existing and newly created teams was done. Giving teams admins the ability to review teams as they are created.
  • Provide end users with a simple and straight forward process to request a team and monitor its status.

Request a Team

With Request a Team, a user can request a new team be created. This can either be from scratch or by using a template.

Templates are predefined by Microsoft and are useful for common business functions such as a retail store template. The template creates a team with a set of predefined channels and permissions.

The Request a Team asks the user to input a set of additional data that allow approvers to make informed choices on if the team should exist and if it is fit for purpose.

Each field has tool tips to guide the user on the purpose and reasoning for the additional data. Helping the end user better evaluate if they need to create a team.

On request of a team, a notification is sent to administrators via Teams. Here they can review the request and accept or reject.

End users can keep track of their request via their own personal team’s request dashboard.

If a team is approved, the process of creating that team will be handed off to the back end and automated. Once the team is created the user will be updated and notified.

Teams Search

The teams search module searches against the local SharePoint list which is populated via AMT Evolve’s Teams Management Service. This takes your existing data from Microsoft Graph and pushes it into a single place in SharePoint. The provides you access to data that you would not otherwise be able to easily access, while also keeping all that data in your SharePoint environment.

Admins can allow users to search against private and public teams or only public teams, and they can tweak the behaviour of the search so that it is specific to a site or function within the business.

Teams Search module can persist a user search so the user can come back to this later. It can also be exposed in Teams as a tab app or as a SharePoint module.

Users can save Teams as “favorites” and limit the search to only show these, or they can just view the Teams that they belong to (even if they are private). They can also search against the additional data to better find and locate Teams.

Teams Search provides users with rich details about the Team they are viewing, as well as direct links to channels. With private channels, Admins can hide or  show in the details page.

Teams Search Administration

The Teams Search Admin pages allow for all teams to be reviewed and ensure they meet business standards. It also allows for preexisting teams to be marked as reviewed.

It identifies teams that would have been created outside the Teams management process so they can be acted upon and it allows users to attribute the AMT Additional data to preexisting teams to ensure the search process is as rich as possible.

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